2023 4th International Conference on 
Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Material Engineering
May 13-14, 2023 / Shenyang, China

The detail conference venue information will be available about two weeks before the opening of the conference.

Known as "the birthplace of a dynasty and two emperors", Shenyang is one of the first national noted historic and cultural cities, boasting a proud history. It has three UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites –– Shenyang Palace Museum, Fuling Tomb and Zhaoling Tomb, as well as more than 1,500 historic and cultural relics including Xinle ruins, Family Temple for Xibe People, and Marshal Zhang's Mansion Museum.

Shenyang has a total of 147,000 hectares of forest and 82,000 hectares of grassland. The amount of water resource reaches 3.26 billion cubic meters, including 1.14 billion cubic meters of surface water and 2.12 billion cubic meters of underground water. A total of 36 kinds of mineral products have been detected, 13 of which have verified deposits, containing 2 billion tons of coal and 10.7 billion cubic tons of natural gas.Shenyang is located at the heart of Liaoning province. Within a 150 kilometers radius of the city, seven major industrial cities are spread out. These cities are Anshan, a steel base, Fushun, a coal base, Liaoyang, a chemical fiber base, Benxi, a coal and iron base, Panjin, a petroleum base, Tieling, a coal and granary site, and Fuxing, a power base. Together with shenyang, the seven cities form a city cluster with close economic ties, huge market capacity and great development potential.  

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