2024 5th International Conference on 
Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Material Engineering
June 01-02, 2024 / Lyon, France

The detail conference venue information will be available about two weeks before the opening of the conference.

Lyon Attractions

Lyon has always been a cultural city, from 1450 to 1550, wealthy bankers came here, bringing a bustling and lively atmosphere to the city. Lyon is not as magnificent as Paris, but more ordinary and unique, with narrow and quiet alleys, corridors hidden between houses, busy and orderly docks, and broad squares on the peninsula. At the same time, Lyon is also one of several major university towns in France, with numerous universities and colleges. The famous Emlyon Business School, as one of the top ten business schools in Europe and the highest institution of French business schools, is one of the largest universities in the world. Commanding a strategic spot at the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône Rivers, Lyon has been luring people ever since the Romans named it Lugdunum in 43 BC. Commercial, industrial and banking powerhouse for the past 500 years, Lyon is France's third-largest city, and offers today's urban explorers a wealth of enticing experiences.

Venue Information
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