2024 5th International Conference on 
Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Material Engineering
June 01-02, 2024 / Lyon, France
We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics, spanning both theoretical and systems research. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

TOPIC 1: Mechanical Engineering

Acoustics and Noise Control


Applied Mechanics

Automation, Mechatronics and Robotics


Automotive Engineering



Compressible Flows

Computational Mechanics

Dynamics and Vibration

Fatigue and Fracture

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

Fuels and Combustion

General mechanics


Heat and Mass Transfer

Instrumentation and Control

Internal Combustion Engines

Machinery and Machine Design

Manufacturing and Production Processes

Marine System Design

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Power Engineering


MEMS and Nano Technology

Multibody Dynamics

Noise and Vibration

Non-destructive Evaluation

Nonlinear Dynamics

Operations Management

PC guided design and manufacture

Plasticity Mechanics

Production Technology

Resistance and Propulsion

Solid Mechanics

Structural Dynamics

System Dynamics and Simulation



TOPIC 2: Civil Engineering

Bridge Engineering

Building Structure and Bridge Engineering

Building Technology

Cartography and Geographic Information System

Civil and Structural Engineering

Coastal Engineering

Computational Mechanics

Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE

Concrete Structures

Construction and Control

Detection and Transformation

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Engineering Management

Environment-Friendly Construction and Development

Geological Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Harbor Engineering

Heating, Gas Supply and Ventilation

Hydraulic Engineering

Material Quality and Control

Metallic Structures

Monitoring and Control of Structures

Operation and Maintenance

Project Management

Reliability and Durability of Structures

Road, Bridge and Railway Engineering

Safety and Monitoring

Sanitary and Ground Water Engineering

Seismic Engineering

Structural Analysis and Design

Structural Engineering and Disaster Reduction

Structural Rehabilitation, Retrofitting and Strengthening

Surveying and Geo-informatics

Surveying and Photogrammetry

Surveying Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Tunnel, Subway and Underground Facilities

Urban Planning

Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Call for Papers

TOPIC 3: Materials Engineering

Adsorbent Materials

Advanced Oxidant

Advanced Structural Materials

Building Materials

Chemical Materials

Construction and Building Materials

Green Materials

Energy and Environmental Materials

Exchange Resin

Functional Materials

Health and Biological Materials

High Performance Materials

Hybrid Composites for Solving Ecological Issues

Inorganic Materials

Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Materials Forming

Materials for Corrosion Control and Scale Inhibition

Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

Materials for treatment of wastewater and excess sludge

Materials of Municipal Pipeline

Membrane Separation Materials

Materials Testing and Characterization

Materials Research and Application

Materials Modeling, Simulation and Characterization

Material Properties, Performances and Applications

Materials Processing Technology

Membrane Separation Materials

Nanofabrication, Nanometrology and Applications

Nano-scale and Amorphous Materials

Photocatalysts and Their Carriers

Physics and Numerical Simulation of Materials Process

Polymer Materials

Recycle and Reuse

Welding & Joining